Could cocktail making machines be putting caterers out of business?

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With many bars shutting down, there’s a growing trend for people to stay at home making their own alcoholic beverages. Indeed, with the price of cocktails often reaching £10 a pop in some swanky bars, it’s no wonder that home use cocktail making machines are an increasingly appealing proposition.

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The birth of cocktail making machines

A number of manufacturers have created machines that are capable of making cocktails at home. For instance, Bartesian, a cocktail mixing machine manufacturer, has created capsules containing ingredients to make different kinds of cocktails. All the user has to do is pour alcohol into the machine’s reservoir and add the capsule, and it mixes up the perfect cocktail in less than 20 seconds.

Another cocktail machine, the Somabar, also creates cocktails at the touch of a button. According to New Atlas, this robotic bartending machine looks like a regular countertop appliance. Three Soma pods which look like canisters, store bitters, liqueurs and other mixers, and are plugged into the side of the machine. What makes this machine so unique is that it connects to a user’s smartphone with an app that serves as a control panel for mixing cocktails. The app gives recipe ideas and allows users to decide how strong they want their beverage. Cocktails are ready in just five seconds.

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With innovations like these, could caterers and other drinking establishments lose their trade?

A place for cocktail making machines

It’s worth remembering that cocktail making machines are still a very new innovation, so catering establishments are unlikely to go out of business anytime soon. The machines are fairly expensive, with Bartesian, for example, retailing at almost US$300 for the machine and US$20 for a dozen capsules, so the home market may be limited for some time yet.

What we could see are more businesses purchasing these machines who don’t have the facilities to have their own cocktail bar or bartenders. Hotels, restaurants and other small establishments may take advantage of having a cocktail making machine in-house, so in the future, when they order their commercial catering supplies, such as from, they may need to stock up on items that are used for making or serving their own cocktails.

With further innovations likely, only time will tell how much of an influence cocktail machines will have on the catering market.