Five warehouse safety ideas

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Warehouses can be dangerous places if the correct safety procedures are not put in place and often overlooked due to inadequate resources or a desire to cut corners and save money. However, when soundly implemented good safety procedures can result in higher employee satisfaction and increased productivity, in addition to less absenteeism due to injury.

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Let’s look at some ways of safety proofing your warehouse.

Use safety equipment

That includes hard hats and protective eyewear when necessary. Emergency exits should be clearly highlighted and water sprinklers should be easy to access and free from blockage. For really heavy items forklifts and hydraulics should be used at all times.

Remove safety hazards

Floors should be free from hazards that can cause trips and falls. This includes liquids, stray cords or anything else that can cause a fall. Regular checks should be carried out by warehouse managers and cracks and bumps in the flooring should be repaired immediately before they become a health risk.

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Label hazardous zones

Dangerous items should be placed in areas that are specifically designated for hazardous equipment. This area should be clearly labelled and safe walkways through it should be highlighted by suitable signage. This can be done through the use of tape or by painting stripes on the floor of the designated area. In this way, employees will be able to see exactly where they should and should not be walking, in addition to being aware that they are in a hazardous zone.

Carry out racking inspections

Warehouses are normally full to bursting. If there is a need to purchase industrial shelving Ireland based companies such as will supply your campany’s needs with a range of racking options.

This racking needs to be stacked well and very often goods are stacked at great heights. Unstable racking can cause real injury, especially if items fall off becoming fast-moving projectiles. The HSE advises that warehouses carry out inspections by qualified professionals at least once a year to ensure the safety of the warehouse racking.

Use smart tech

Working with industrial shelving can be dangerous, especially when employees are working on them from a great height. That’s why using technology such as drones for stock checking and even movement of goods is a safer option by taking the risk away from your employees.