How to choose the right font for your website

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Fonts play an integral role in your brand’s individual identity. The colours, sizes and styles are what give your audience their first impression. If you want to attract visitors and make them stay on a page, your choice is essential for the easy reading of your content, along with its functionality and professionalism.

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Legibility differs from readability in the sense that it refers to the actual design of the typeface. This can include whether or not it has serifs, the width of the strokes, and other factors. Think about whether your font is being used for headlines or body copy as there are many factors that affect the type of font you’ll want to use. If you wanted a decorative font, for example, you’re making the decision that readers will only glance at it rather than read a full body of text. With this in mind, choosing the design is based on the display faces and how it relates to its overall legibility.


When considering the design of appropriate fonts, you should also be thinking about what kind of mood and tone you want to convey. Every font has its own unique personality, and your aim is to decide on the one that best reflects the personality of your brand. For example, Serif fonts can express a more traditional and reliable persona, whereas Sans Serif offer a more modern and stylish appeal. If you need help to shape the personality of your brand, seek advice from a professional web development company in London to help you get the desired affect.

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Once you have chosen the fonts you want, you’ll need to ensure that they are compatible with modern web interfaces, which can include desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This can often be difficult to achieve due to ever-changing updates from browsers. To make sure that your web typography works effectively, you may want to get help from professional services such as those from London professional web development company Redsnapper so that you have a functioning and responsive web design on all levels.

Once you have narrowed down the selection of fonts you wish to use, don’t be afraid of experimenting to discover which ones are best suited to the design, content and brand of your website so you can achieve the most valuable results.