Starting a Website: Tips and Advantages

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The world is moving fast. Internet world even faster. The internet is where everything and everyone becomes visible to the rest of the world. It is a platform that without it things will be dark: no movement, no transactions, no communication and a whole lot of other important business. Coming down to personal level, do you have a website or a blog? For your business or for personal blogging? 

There are lots of resources online to guide you on how to start a website 2019. A website is mandatory especially if you plan to venture into internet marketing. For this, to make money, you have to have a website.


For starters, choose a domain name. This is the address of your website. These domain names have different suffixes that mostly depict what your site is all about. it has to be a unique name that no one else has used. No one else can use the same name after you have picked it. 

Second, you will need a web host. A web host will provide you with the tools and a space in the web to get your website online. There are paid and unpaid web hosts, it’s your choice.

Next you will need a software. This is a program in which you will upload your content. This can be either manually or automatic.


1. You target your audience– When your website is up and running, people who are interested in your niche will be searching for it. With time you can monetize the website and get to earn some money.

2. Better exposure and popularity– This is an outright and obvious benefit of owning a website. Visibility is inevitable if you build your website well. 

With your website on, there is a lot you can do and you can as well earn from it. So go ahead and get one started.