Step by a Step Guide to Apply for a US Visa AU

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Every year, the number of Australian citizens who travel to the US gets increasing. Not only for having holidays, but they also temporarily stay in the United States for many other reasons such as study, work, health treatment, and more. If you want to apply for a US visa AU, here is step by step guide to help you.

Types of US Visas

There are two main visa types that usually used by foreign nationality travelers to enter the US, they are a B-1 visa and B-2 visa. The B-1 visa mostly used by people who want to visit the US for the reasons such as education, business associates, attending a business of professional conference, negotiate contracts, settle an estate, and more. Meanwhile, the B-2 visa mainly used by those who want to travel to the United States for reasons such as medical treatment, tourism, visit family or friends, and more. If it is necessary, the B-1 and B-2 visas can be combined and become B-1/B-2 visa.

Qualifications Needed

If you are an Australian citizen and intend to apply for a US visa AU, you need to ensure the US consular officers that you are eligible to get the US visa. You should be qualified for a US visa under INA (the US Immigration and Nationality Act). To get yourself qualified for the US visa, you need to show the US authority that your traveling purpose to the country is indeed a temporary visit and it will be done in a limited period of time. You need also to show your evidence of funds that can be used to cover all your expenses while you are visiting the country. Last but not least, you have to ensure the Us consular officers that you have a permanent residence outside the US where you can return after the end of your visit to the country. In case you are a domestic or personal employee as well as the crew member that works for abroad ships within the Outer Continental Shelf, you might be considered qualified to get the B-1 visa.

Application Items Should Be Completed

There are some application items that the Australian citizen should complete to apply for a US visa AU, include:

  • The DS-160 form or a nonimmigrant visa electronic application

  • A passport with an a-6 months validity date

  • A recent photograph of 5×5 cm

  • A receipt as the evidence that you have paid the application fee for the nonimmigrant visa that ranges up to $160.

After completing the application items required, you need to schedule a visa interview and attend it. The interview will be conducted in the US embassy or consulate that you have to attend in person.

Applying for the US Visa

Here are the steps needed to follow to get the US visa:

  1. Pay the application fee.

  2. Complete the DS-160 application.

  3. Fill in the personal information such as passport number, full name, address, and more.

  4. Come to the US consulate or embassy for the visa interview.